Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is a leading Canadian youth-serving organization providing quality after school and out-of-school programs during critical periods of child development. More than 100 years of service has been dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and their families over 5 generations.

Organizational Scope
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is a national non-profit governed by a voluntary Board of Directors elected by member clubs. The Board of Directors oversees national policies and strategic direction for the organization.
  • 99 member Clubs provide programs and services in 650 service locations across Canada in 10 Provinces and The Yukon.
  • 200,000 children and youth served by Clubs across Canada, ranging in age from pre-school to young adulthood
  • More than 14,500 Community Volunteers and over 4,500 trained and dedicated full and part-time staff
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada provide its member Clubs with:
  • valuable support services
  • national programs and partnerships for children and youth
  • quality standards
  • stimulate the development and growth of Clubs from coast to coast

  Who We Serve:
  • 13% are 6 years and under
  • 54% are 6 – 12 years of age
  • 26% are 13+ years of age
  • 57% are from low income families
  • 43% are from single parent families
  • 10% are Aboriginal children and youth
  • 14% have special needs (learning and/or physical)
  • 11% are new immigrants to Canada

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